Judge Patricia DiMango’s Wiki: Husband, Family, Net Worth (2024)

• Patricia DiMango is a media personality, retired judge, and appeared on the court show "Hot Bench" as one of three judges.
• Her net worth is estimated at over $1 million, and she reportedly earns $50,000 per episode on television appearances.
• She grew up in Brooklyn, New York and studied at City University of New York, Columbia University Teachers College, and St. John's University School of Law.
• She was appointed Judge of the Criminal Court of New York in 1995 and elected to the Kings County Supreme Court in 2002.
• She is now retired, but continues to appear on television shows as an analyst and resides in New York City.


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Who is Patricia DiMango?

Patricia Mafalda DiMango was born in 1953, in Brooklyn, New York City USA, and is a media personality as well as a retired judge, known for being involved in numerous high-profile criminal cases in New York City. She also gained attention on television, appearing in the court show “Hot Bench” as one of three judges.

The Net Worth of Patricia DiMango

Patricia DiMango’s net worth is estimated at well lover $1 million, as she reportedly earned over $200,000 annually for her work as a judge. She’s also reputedly earns $50,000 per episode for her television appearances.

Early Life and Education

Patricia grew up in Brooklyn, and at a young age aspired to acareerin the legal field. After matriculating from high school, she enrolled at the City University of New York to earn her bachelor’s degree. The university is the largest urban university system in the country and has been operational since 1961 – it now has over 275,000 students in attendance. They have graduated numerous high profile individuals, including Nobel Prize winners.

After graduating, she continued her education studying for a Master’s degree at Columbia University Teachers College, while also working as a teacher.

The school is a part of the prestigious Columbia University and has been operational since 1887, serving as the Department of Education for Columbia. It is also the largest education graduate school in the US, ranked as one of the top graduate schools in the country in terms of educational quality. Some of the notable alumni include John Dewey, Lee Huan, Hamden L. Forkner, Edward Thorndike, and Donna Shalala. After completing her master’s, she continued with a Juris Doctor degree, enrolling atSt. John’s University School of Lawlocated in Queens, New York City.

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Legal Career

As DiMango was completing her law degree, she worked as a public school teacher in New York City, while also serving as a college professor for several universities in the country. She then served as an attorney, and over the years earned a lot of positive attention for her work in the field. In 1995, she was assigned to become the Judge of the Criminal Court of New York by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, serving in the position for three years, until in 1998 she was appointed as the Acting Justice of the State Supreme Court, 2nd Judicial District.

After another four years, she was elected to and became a justice of the Kings County Supreme Court, the highest within most legal jurisdictions around the world, created in the US Constitution to have the capability to check executive power, giving it the ability to revise or veto laws if necessary. She continued to gain attention within numerous legal circles with high profile cases, often involving children and hate crimes. She also handled a lot of murder cases before her retirement.

Learn more about Judge Patricia DiMango in Part 3 of our web-exclusive series "Meet The Judges" https://t.co/LrY947IXcA"

— Patricia DiMango (@patriciadimango) November 22, 2014

Retirement and Life After

One of Patricia’s most high profile cases was regarding African-American Kalief Browder, held in Rikers Island for three years without trial, two of those in solitary confinement, ostensibly because he was unable to post bail. He made 31 court appearances, before Patricia was given the case and dismissed it due to a lack of evidence against Browder. He was, however, insistent on committing a crime and pleaded guilty numerous times, but was sent home.

Two years after his release, he committed suicide, caused apparently by the long-term effects of the abuse he experienced in prison. New York City later settled a lawsuit with his family for $3.3 million.

Patricia gained significant mainstream attention when she became one of the three judges in the television show “Hot Bench”, which was created by Judge Judy Sheindlin, also known as Judge Judy. The show was marketed as a panel-based court show which is a non-traditional way of handling typical court shows.

The series has been running since 2014, and has aired over 1,000 episodes. Other judges in the show include Michael Correrio and Tanya Acker.

Personal Life

While DiMango has kept most of her romantic life away from the media, it was revealed through “The New York Times” that she was once married, apparently in the distant past, but the relationship ended in divorce. Since then, there have been no reports of her having a boyfriend, nor if she has any children.

While retired, she remains very active within New York, appearing at red carpet events, and being invited onto television shows as an analyst. She has also expressed continuing her work as a television judge for the foreseeable future. She resides in New York City.

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Judge Patricia DiMango’s Wiki: Husband, Family, Net Worth (2024)


Who are the parents of judge Tanya Acker? ›

The names of her parents are Bill Acker and Aretha Acker. Her parents worked as post office workers. The Hot Judge star spent most of her childhood years in Fernando Valley, Lake View Terrace in Los Angeles.

Who is Judge Judy's family? ›

According to E! News, Judy Sheindlin, who was previously married to a judge named Ronald Levy, has two children: Jamie Hartwright, 58, and Adam Levy, 56. Jerry Sheindlin is the father to Gregory Sheindlin, 60, Jonathan Sheindlin, 57, and Nicole Sheindlin, 56.

Where is Rachel Juárez from? ›

A Los Angeles native, Juarez is a graduate of Yale University and Stanford Law School.

How many grandchildren does Judge Judy Sheindlin have? ›

They divorced in 1990, partially as a result of the stress and struggles that Judy endured after her father's death that same year. They remarried in 1991. She has three stepchildren with Sheindlin: Gregory Sheindlin, Jonathan Sheindlin, and Nicole Sheindlin, 13 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.

Is judge Patricia Dimango Italian? ›

She became the first Italian-American woman ever appointed to that position. Thereafter, she was elected to the New York State Supreme Court bench in the 2nd and 11th Judicial Districts, and again was the first Italian-American woman elected to that position.

Who is judge Tanya Walton Pratt husband? ›

While she was in law school, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall visited his alma mater and spoke with her and other students. The meeting inspired Judge Pratt and left a memorable impression. What is more important, however, is that Judge Pratt met her future husband, Marcel Pratt, in law school.

Who are Sarah Rose's parents? ›

Rose is the daughter of Adam Levy, Sheindlin's son from her first marriage to Ronald Levy. Adam Levy is also a television judge on “Tribunal Justice,” another show Sheindlin produces for Amazon's Freevee.

What did Judge Judy's husband do for a living? ›

Like his wife, Jerry has worked as a television arbitrator. He became the presiding judge on The People's Court in the fall of 1999, replacing former New York City Mayor Ed Koch. Jerry told the Los Angeles Times in 1999 that his wife, whose series Judge Judy began in 1996, encouraged him to take the job.

What does Judge Judy's granddaughter do for a living? ›

Sheindlin is thrilled to be working with Rose. “This smart, sassy, young woman is the perfect law clerk for me. That she is 'easy on the eyes' is a bonus,” she told The Post.

How much does judge Rachel Juárez make? ›

Rachel Juarez's salary is $90,000 a year, and she gets a monthly salary of $7,333. She is an American judge. Rachel Juarez currently serves as one of three judges on CBS Media Ventures' Emmy-nominated syndicated court program, HOT BENCH, created by Judge Judy Sheindlin.

Where is judge Yodit Tewolde from? ›

Prior to joining the Dallas DA's office, she served as a law clerk in the 19th Judicial District Court for the Honorable Trudy M. White. Originally from Eritrea, a country located in the Horn of Africa, Tewolde immigrated to the United States as an infant and was reared in Dallas, Texas.

What TV show has 3 judges? ›

From the producers of Judge Judy, HOT BENCH adds a new twist to the court genre, with the first-ever three judge panel, taking you inside the courtroom and into their chambers as they deliberate.

How is Sarah Rose related to Judy Sheindlin? ›

Rose, 25, is, as fans know, the granddaughter of “Judy Justice” creator/host Judy Sheindlin. She added a jolt to the show's first season on Amazon Freevee along with stenographer Whitney Kumar and bailiff Kevin Rasco.

Is Judge Judy the richest TV star? ›

Estimated net worth: US$440 million

Per Forbes, in 2018, she was the highest-paid TV host after selling the rights to the show's library to CBS. She quit the show in 2020 after 25 years – but the popular judge returned to screens in a revamped version of her show called Judy Justice.

Where did Judge Judy's granddaughter go to college? ›

In 2019, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a business law degree from the University of Southern California where she also studied abroad in Rome, Italy. In addition to her studies, Rose was the social media coordinator at Her Honor Mentoring, created by Judge Judy Sheindlin and Nicole Sheindlin.

What nationality is Patricia DiMango? ›

Patricia Mafalda DiMango (born May 19, 1953) is a retired American justice of the Supreme Court of Kings County, New York and television personality.

Where did Patricia DiMango and Tanya Acker go? ›

The new arrivals are replacing Patricia Dimango and Tanya Acker, who both left to appear on the new series Tribunal.

Is Tanya Acker a lawyer? ›

In private practice, Tanya's legal work spanned a broad variety of matters, from civil litigation involving public and private entities, to various constitutional cases, to the provision of business counseling and advice.

Is judge Tanya married? ›

Chutkan is married to Peter Krauthamer. Like his wife, Peter also has a background in criminal justice. Peter is a former associate judge of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, per a biography shared by the D.C. Courts.


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